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Ones We Are Still Watching



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This incredible racing service is a Membership Club for punters looking

to obtain OUTSTANDING results from UK horse racing!

They have 3 racing services - all of them making great returns each month!

As you can tell by the name, this racing service relied on finding horses that are NOT fancied by

the bookmakers to win!

The guys at Hotshot Horses aim to exploit these higher-priced horses by backing them to win thereby banking HUGE profits as a result!

Magic Horses is a simple racing service that produces fantastic results for punters happy to place 6-9 bets each day!

There is a variety of higher-priced & shorter-priced horses however the returns generated have been awesome & is a tidy service that can make you a nice fortune.

Gold Riches Racing has 3 separate racing services which can vary significantly from

service to service.

The results have performed admirably during our testing period & like any racing service, there is the odd losing month which should not deter punters as they can turn around very quickly in your favour.

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Top Picks Racing is a racing service that focuses on finding 1-2 horses that are the main bets for the day.

Strike rates are typically between 30-40% with very healthy profits (which means the horses are NOT always odds-on favorites.  

This is a well-run racing club which involves a monthly membership to their site which allows uers access to racing systems they are currently monitoring. They also have a monthly newsletter'

Pic-Total Betting Club

This is a racing site which provides lots of useful information on horses, trainers & systems to watch out for. A great racing site.

Pic-Betting School

Betfair is one of the biggest online betting exchanges in the world.

It is a betting platform for many sports including betting on horses & can generate

returns typically 20%+ than traditional bookmakers!


Sportsworld Publishing is a site that covers racing systems & services of many leading racing authors & systems-owners. Certainly worth a look!

Pic-Sportsworld Publishing

This is a software program which allows you to trade sports markets by backing & laying bets through their 'greening up' process to generate profits without having to wait for the sporting event to finish.


This service shows you how to pocket risk-free cash by taking advantage of the bookmakers' bonus offers.

Pic-Bonus Bagging

Soccer Magic Matrix by Ken Millard is a football betting system.

You get a betting bot which finds bets based on a few simple criteria that you submit. Once the bets are found all you need to do is place the bets either online or with a high street bookmaker

Pic-Pro Gambling Products

Horse Racing Trends by Paul Whelan analyses trends specialising in the most high quality meetings/races.

Paul will recommend specific horses but this system more aimed at you taking the decision based on the trends analysis supplied

Pic-Racing Trends

Trading or bettting on the exchanges has never been easier with Bet Angel Professional.

Trading allows profit no matter what happens at the outcome of an event.

Pic-Bet Angel

The Inform Racing subscription from Ian Welch provides access to professionally calculated speed ratings and race cards for all flat, all weather and jumps races as well as full easy to read form guides and quick view race stats for each horse.

In addition you are able to review statistics and past race cards.

Pic-Inform Racing

Mathematician Betting by Guy Ward is a website that has a free service that you can sign up to which gives tips and Ward’s views and thoughts on how you can improve your own betting.

There is also a private members service which is subscription-based which provides an analysis of the days racing where he highlights what he believes to be the best betting opportunities of the day

Pic-Mathematician Betting

Arbitrage bets are when it is guaranteed that you will make money regardless of the result. This is available when different bookmaker’s price bets at vastly different values.

U Can’t Lose has a piece of software that scours the internet for such opportunities.


Chris Farrell's Membership service is aimed at anyone who would like to make money running an online business, even if they're a complete newbie.

Members get access to a ton of training articles and videos + free technical support, done-for-you websites, free online marketing software and much more!

Pic-Chris Farrell Membership

The product is designed to help people produce good websites that will generate them a good income. The 30 day action plan tells you everything you need to do on a specific day. The plan is complemented by training modules.

You get 9 modules and a 30 day action plan; to get six sites up and running. The action plan details what must be carried out each day in order to complete the course to have 6 sites completed in that period.

Pic-Work From No Home

Layer Of Profit is a Laying service (where you profit when horses lose) & odds are no higher than 4.00. There is just the one slection per day which is emailed to you each day.

Pic-Layer Of Profit

Inside Tipster is a service whereby the author claims to have inside information on certain horses running, a strike rate of 56% and no losing month in 3 years.


Once subscribed, the selections are sent to you daily via email.

Pic-Inside Tipster Pic-Incredible Wickets

Andy Walker is the tipster who provides tips for those interested in betting on cricket.

Bets are sent daily to you by email before 10.30am

FREE Racing Site

This is a completey FREE horse racing tipping service that provides tips daily,

7 days a week. An email is sent to you each day providing a link for you to access that day's best bets.

NOTE: This site is being modified. Please revisit later!

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